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Topic: What should a Liberal theorist expect to happen in US-Chinese relations if China continues to grow and democratise?


Due to circumstances out of my control I can’t do this paper myself. It is 3000 words long with a 10% over or under (150 words over or under) on the word count.

I would like this essay to have as much information that I have provided from the Uni, but also your own independant research I will attach all relevant information such as lecture notes and other things for you to use so that it is clear and precise what the task is. I will also provide an essay writing document. I am aiming for a high 2:1 / First. Thank you very much and if you are unsure on something please let me know, I can try and find more relevant info from the course itself that may help. Kind Regards.

Furthermore, it must have a lot of book sources, that state the exact page number etc within the text: some of the core reading sources from my module include: Foreign Policy: Theories, Actors, Cases by 3rd Ed by Steve Smith et al

Foreign Policy in the Twenty First century 2nd Ed by Christopher Hill.


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