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Topic: What’s Language got to do with it?


Things to Consider: What role does language play in the way the subaltern is represented? Is the subaltern merely captured by language or can they resist stereotypical representations? How might language be used to either sustain or contest various matrices of domination? How powerful is language in determining how the subaltern is seen? What is the relationship between language, inequalities, and institutional structures?

Required Elements:

1. A thesis statement that addresses the essay prompt. What is your main point about language that you want to support and discuss?
2. Integration of the overarching themes, concepts and ideas covered in the class readings, presentations, and supplementary materials that address the role that language plays.
3. Review specific examples and case studies covered in the readings and introduced in class discussions and presentations. These include: materials assigned on the syllabus from 9/23-10/17, and materials posted on BB that were used to supplement our class work.
Grading Rubic
1. Well-developed thesis that clearly responds to the essay prompt.
2. After your intro, begin paragraphs with your own point that you are going to argue, support and develop with specific textual references and specific examples.
3. Clear and demonstrated understanding of the assigned materials.
4. Synthesis of information and specific examples drawn from the assigned materials. When you are supporting a claim, opinion or main point, draw various examples together to present a well-rounded and fully developed argument. Make connections between the various case studies and examples we used in class. Organize them around your main points.
5. Logical, coherent and well-organized arguments, examples and details supporting your thesis.
6. Proper use of grammar and punctuation. Well-crafted sentences that draw on the concepts, ideas, and themes presented in the readings to deepen your analysis.
7. Use of parenthetical citations that indicate where your information, examples, details and evidence are drawn from. For example: (CNN Unwelcome), (Ore 2013: 14). Remember, if it is not your own thought or idea, cite it!

I’ll give you the materials that you need to use in the essay. Lastly, please follow the instruction above, especially the essay construction which is written in the grading rubic , and I’ll attach the essay prompt in the file.


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