Topic: Why bother about the future?

Format: The first page must give the project title, your name, your student number, and a word count.
The project essay should be between 1,500 – 2,000 words long. Any words beyond 2,000 will not be read; only the first 2,000 words will be assessed. If fewer than 1500 words are submitted, this will result in a grade deduction. The words on the title page and in the bibliography do not count towards the word limits.
You must reference all sources (including “the pinch”) and you must include a separate bibliography.
Task: Read the book by David Willetts:
David Willetts (2010): The pinch: how the baby boomers took their children’s future – and why they should give it back. Atlantic books.
The book is available as e-book (here) or as a hard copy from the library. We expect you to read the whole book.
In developing his arguments and making his points, Willetts cited a large number of articles, reports and books. From your assigned chapter (see below), choose one reference, and do the following:
• find the referenced article
• read it, and
• discuss whether Willetts is using the source effectively.
· Has Willetts correctly understood and applied the source?
· Does it support his case?
· Has Willetts taken from the source fairly or selectively?
To add strength to your essay, as an optional step, you could find another source not referenced by Willetts (perhaps because it was published later) that either supports the one Willetts quotes or opposes it.

Important: Chose a reference that is a) published in a scientific journal, a working paper or a book chapter AND b) is used to reference an economic argument.

Please submit a word or pdf document via Moodle (button labelled “Submit Project 1 here”).