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Topic: Why Choose Engineering School Question


Need to rewright essay as to why choose Michigan school of engineering.
Question 1 (150)-

One activity that I would keep doing is baseball. It is my favorite sport that I enjoy playing and one that I have played most in my life. Baseball has been my one get-away throughout life. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed, being on the baseball field always seems to make me feel relaxed. Baseball has given me a community to affiliate with. Since I started playing it at a young age, I have been on teams where I have made friends whom we are still stuck together to this date. I could call these friends my second family. During times of my life when I felt so down, baseball gave me a home away from home where I could forget everything that was stressing me. It feels great and fun doing the one thing that I love most.

Question 2 (300)-

I belong to the Catholic religious community. I was born in a Catholic household where as a child; my parents dragged me along to Sunday mass. Back then, I did not understand my role at church and I felt detached from the rest of the members. It was a Korean church where mass was held in the Korean language and I understood very little. During my sophomore year of high school, one of my close friends requested me to join a monthly church meeting at his church. I was not so religious, but agreed to his request. The meetings were run by my friend’s mother, which made it more comfortable for me since I knew them. The first meeting was very special since it connected to me in many ways. This was the first time I felt like part of a church community and I felt as if I had a role to play in this group.
Throughout the rest of the year, I went to every meeting and it gave me a purpose. I became a regular member of the group and formed a close relationship with the other group members and the priests. This community has helped in building my personality and has given me so many new opportunities. The community gave an opportunity to high school students during the summer break from 10th to 11th grade, to live in Washington D.C. for a week and attend a motivational talk and interaction from influential and successful leaders. This allowed me to have new experiences and was able to interact with different kinds of people. The ability to have people I can always trust within my community is one thing that I value greatly.

Question 3 (550)-

Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How would that curriculum support your interests?

University of Michigan’s school of engineering is very appealing to me because of everything it offers. I am interested in the Computer Science major, which is offered in the School of Engineering as well as the School of Literature, Science, and the Arts, but the School of Engineering really stood out to be due to the classes it offered.

With my interest in computer science and engineering, I appreciate the opportunity to for a duel major inside the school of engineering. As of now, my first interest is computer science with electrical engineering a close second. With my interest could change, the opportunities available at Michigan are countless. Another option for me is to select a major in the school of engineering and possibly a minor in mathematics in the school of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Being a very large school has its advantages. First is the course selection. There are a lot more courses offered therefore allowing more flexibility on taking certain classes when you want. I Alsowith the large number of students, the opportunities to network is unmatched.

Another aspect that grabbed my attention was the ability to start research and work with professors in order to study ideas and subjects that I find very interesting and intriguing. The accessibility to so many resources would allow me to experiment with so many different ideas and learn so much through technology and through other professors. Being in an environment where everyone is striving for the same goal and is trying to better our community is an amazing trait, and this is offered in the School of Engineering. The Professors and students welcome questions and discussions which help brainstorm ideas and help work together. The school of engineering offers so many opportunities through its labs and facilities because they are so advanced and accessible to students. The technology offered for labs and research is very helpful because you are able to use the best of the best in order to find the most accurate results and experiment exactly what you need for your research. There are labs where you can experiment so many different subjects which opens up so many opportunities for new discoveries.


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