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Topic: Women and Religion essay


This week’s readings introduce the issue of troubling texts from women’s feminist perspectives and reflect the notion of midrash. You read “The Coming of Lilith” by theologian Judith Plaskow and “The Garden of Eden Retold” by Trelawney Grenfell­-Muir as examples of how contemporary stsreligious femini have created their own midrashim—retellings of biblical stories—in order to incorporate women’s viewpoints into the traditional texts of Judaism.

After completing the reading, complete the discussion prompt below, being sure to engage with all three readings (Ruttenberg, Plaskow, and Trelawney Grenfell­-Muir).

Discussion Prompt:

Why is it important that we have women’s perspectives on traditional scriptural texts?
What are the goals the authors have for writing their own versions of their respective texts?
Selecting either Plaskow or Grenfell­-Muir’s midrash — and after reviewing the original scriptural texts (see this week’s SLIDES) — how does the author’s midrash differ from the original and why are these differences
Once you submit your response reply to one of your classmate’s posts.
MAKE SURE IT IS NOT A FULL PAGE AND LEAVE ENOUGH SPACE ON THE 1 PAGE FOR A 1 PARAGRAPH RESPONSE TO A CLASSMATE. I will submit the classmates post for you to respond to, after you provide the initial post.


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