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Topic: Work and the Good Life – Policy Proposal Report


1. The purpose of the assignment is to summarise and evaluate either unconditional basic income or a 4-day week as a policy proposal for Australia, with an emphasis on the moral reasons for or against the policy.

2. The two reports that form the basis of the reading contain material that is not relevant for your assignment. This is particularly the case for Standing’s report on basic income, much of which is about the current welfare system and political situation in the UK. You do not need to read those sections. The relevant sections of Standing’s report are pp5-20, 39-44, and 57-59.

3. You may refer to other sources in your report. For example, the moral reasons in favour of UBI are formulated more systematically by van Parijs than by Standing, and there are moral objections posed by White (and others) you might also consider, which will be covered in the lectures. However, it is not essential to refer to other sources. If you do refer to other sources, make sure they are properly cited (it doesn’t matter what reference system you use).

Policy Proposal Report Template PHL356 Work and the Good Life S2 2019

Student name and number

Title of Policy Document

Section 1 Summary (200 words max)

Section 2 Background and significance (300 words max)

Section 3 Rationale for the proposal (400 words max)

Section 4 Assessment of the rationale (400 words max)

Section 5 Ethical justification of the policy (400 words max)

Section 6 Recommendation (300 words max)


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