Topic: Working with Complex Populations


Research case management manuals on the internet. Visit the following site to see an example of a Case Management Manual found online: HIV Case Management Handbook

Then, select a case management manual, which serves one of the populations described in chapter 8 and report on how they work with the population in your initial post. Suggested populations include health care including hospice or chronic illness, mental health, addictions, child welfare, geriatrics, criminal justice, HIV/AIDS, military and veterans, rural communities or the homeless population.

In your post, provide a link to the case management manual you have chosen and state which model of case management is being used. Then, answer one of the following questions:

1.What are some of the evidence-based interventions and community resources they utilize?
2.How do they deal with problematic situations (such as some of those discussed in chapter 8)?
3.Does the agency run into any ethical or legal issues? If so, how they dealt with them?

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