Topic: world without work


The Task
Pick one of the arguments from our reading packet about how work is changing today, or will change in the coming years. Explain the argument, and what you find interesting about it. Then, do a little research on a career or profession you might be interested in pursuing.

How might it change in coming years, due to technology or any other factor? Do any of the arguments you’ve read in the essay packet for unit 3 apply to this profession? Why or why not?

Interesting Arguments
The first thing you’ll need to do is pull out some of the arguments that you thought were interesting in the essays we read for this unit. Let’s start by pulling our three such arguments. For each one, tell me the author’s name, and provide the first few words of a quote, so I’ll know where the argument is coming from. Then, explain what the argument is, and the reasoning behind it in your own words. Finally, explain what you think is interesting about it.
A. Interesting Argument #1:

B. Interesting Argument #2:

C. Interesting Argument #3:

Researching a Career
Next, you’re going to need to do a little research on a career or job that is interesting to you, to see if it is changing now, during the current pandemic, or is likely to change in the near or distant future.
What is a profession or job that you might want to research and write about for this essay? It might be a career you’re considering, or perhaps one that’s always been interesting to you.
D. Career or profession or job I might want to focus on:

Now, do a little general research on the question: how might this job change during or after the pandemic, or in the near or distant future? Find two potentially useful articles; read them, and summarize what they say below.
Note: I’ve used the term “general research” here. What does that mean? Well, it’s research that helps us to see what kind of info is out there, what people are talking or arguing about. For your purposes, it might just be some intelligent googling. For instance, if I were interested in a career in food services, I might google key words like “food services industry automation problems” (without the quotations, so you get a wider selection of hits). I just tried this and came up with some promising leads – try it!
E. Summary of Potentially Useful Article #1:

F. Summary of Potentially Useful Article #2:

Making Connections
Finally, the Focus Question above asks, “Do any of the arguments you’ve read in the essay packet for unit 3 apply to this profession? Why or why not?” Let’s make some connections between these writings and your career of interest.
First, remind yourself of all the claims that these articles have made about work in the mid-21st century – 30-50 % of jobs being replaced by automation, jobs that have dignity, jobs that Graeber calls “bullshit jobs,” jobs that produce something that helps people or provides them with joy, jobs that will be transformed by tech – and many more. Write a paragraph or so speculating on which of these arguments are relevant for the career you’re writing about – do they apply, or not? How and/or why?
My “making connections” paragraph:

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