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Topic: Write a short essay regarding “The Girls In Their Summer Dresses” by Irwin Shaw following pieces of info attached

Paper 5—Language/Tone

“The Lie,” “Young Goodman Brown,” “Sonny’s Blues, ” Something Amazing,” “A Fable for the Living,” “Rocking Horse Winner,” “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses,” or “Big Me”

(Do for only one of the stories and not one you have previously written about)

1. As you did for Paper 1, you should write one paragraph summarizing the story (do not give analysis–just tell what happens) and stating its central idea. Follow this with a paragraph proving the central idea.
2. The third paragraph should talk about the protagonist and his/her main traits. Also discuss the antagonist’s role in the story. Relate the character discussion back to the central idea.
3. Write one paragraph about the conflict at play in the story. What are the two things in conflict? Was the conflict resolved? Relate this back to the central idea.
4. Write one paragraph stating the point of view and how the story would be changed if the point of view were different. How does this point of view emphasize the central idea?
5. Write one paragraph about the setting and how it helps to illustrate the central idea.
6. Write one paragraph about the different language elements used in the story. Give at least 4 examples. These could include: simile, metaphor, symbolism, dialogue/dialect, syntax, allegory and irony. Relate this back to central idea.
7. Write one paragraph about the story’s tone (mood). Tell if the tone shifts in the story (often this happens near the end.). Relate back to central idea.

That’s it! When this paper is accepted, you will have successfully navigated through all of the elements of the short story. Congrats. Now on to the C Test…


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