Topic: written report on the performance and financial position of a company and its competitor

Summative Assessment –   Coursework  forSpring 2020

Guideline Brief for Presentation & Report

  1. Select two public company of your choice and a competitor from the same business sector.
  • Download the annual reports from the company’s websites as follows:

            a)         Google,

            b)         Company Name,

            c)         Annual Reports 2018  or2019

  1.   From the information provided in the annual reports you are required to:
  1.       Produce a written report on the performance and financial position of your company and the competitor.

            c)         Your written report should highlight, compare and discuss the financial                              strengths and weaknesses of the two companiesand indicate any threats and              opportunities. Include the use of ratios in this work and then provide                  comparisons with a suitable company from the same business sector

                        It is not mandatory that you compare 2017 with 2018. If you prefer, you could                  use 2018 and 2019 accounts if they have been published, but for obvious                               reasons, many 2019annual reports will not be available.  

d)                     Your presentation & report should include analysis of :       

                                    ·   Profitability

                                    ·   Efficiency

                                    ·   Liquidity

                                    ·   Gearing and

                                    ·   Investor Ratios.

  •   Your conclusion is very important it should first cover the situation and prospects of the company as at the date of the Audit report in the Annual Report.

The Webinar could have been better attended but we are delivering them at the time tabled times and dates as if we do not there will be clashes. People from just about every time zone did attend sotry to do the same

In the Webinar I discussed the possible impacts of the Corona Emergency and there are slides referring to this in the Webinar material. Reference to the impacts of the Pandemic in your report may use this material but note that no one knows how far Governments will go to protect the General Economy nor Specific CompaniesI did discuss this at some length in the Webinar and answered questions asked in the Chat Room.

At the end of the report you should include an appendix showing all the ratios that you have calculated (year on year and intercompany comparisons) and the basis of their calculation, clearly stating any assumptions that you have made.

You should also include in the appendix, the relevant extracts from the annual reports, namely the income statement and statement of financial position/balance sheet.

Do not submit full copies of the companies’ annual reports.

The word limit of the main body of the report is 1500 words. The word count should be shown on the first page of your report.

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