Topic: You are an experienced retail marketing analyst, hired to critically evaluate Gregg’s current trading position and potential future strategy.


The assignment has been split into 3 sections. Consisting of two 6 mark questions and one 8 mark question. The 6 mark questions must be about 240 words each and the 8 mark question must be about 320 words. The 6 mark questions should have approx. 6 references in each and the 8 marker approx. 8 references.
Each question is laid out below:-
a) A critical review of the reasons why Greggs should keep updated on developments in the increasingly challenging UK retail environment together with a recommendation about how exactly the company could set about conducting a marketing audit. (6 marks)
b) A critical review of the impact of both current and potential macro-environmental factors on Greggs in the UK market. (8 marks)
c) A critical review of Gregg’s current strategy together with suggestions about the broad strategic options open to the company for developing its business over the next 3-5 years. (6 marks)

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