Topic: You are applying for a marketing manager position and have been asked to write a report around the topic of control in advance of the upcoming interview. You have been given an outline structure, but you now need to provide the detail. Your response should cover the following issues and be related to the organisation to which you are applying (the three sections are shown in the details section)


This assignment has been split up into 3 sections. Consisting of two 5 mark questions and one 10 mark question. The 5 mark questions should have approx. 5 references in each and the 10 mark question approx. 10 references.
The three sections are laid out below:-
a) A critical evaluation of the importance of the control stage of the strategic market management process. (5 marks)
b) A critical evaluation of the problems that marketing managers are likely to face in trying to introduce control measures at the final stage of the strategic market management process. (5 marks)
c)A critical review of how marketing metrics can help practitioners adopt a more ‘scientific’ approach to controlling marketing activities. In the process, you should critically evaluate a number of key marketing metrics that marketing managers might find useful. (10 marks)

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