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Topic:Diary of a Mad Man

Finish Watching “Titicut Follies” (1967) first half shown in class Wednesday (for review: https://vimeo.com/351835959 Answer these 2 questions:

After the film was released, Frederick Wiseman was accused of doing to the inmates what he condemned the guards for doing. In fact, the charges resulted in a series of court cases, dating from 1967 when the Massachusetts Supreme Court declared the documentary obscene and exploitative and banned it from pubic viewing. The ban was not lifted until 1992. Begin with a MAXIMUM short 100-150 word entry stating whether or not you agree with question about “exploitation.” Should the public be able to SEE what happens behind bars? In your general discussion consider: Does the prison yard argument between Vladimir and Dr. Ross support/reject Foucault’s notion that reason goes to the prison and unreason to the asylum? Recall of the image of the early modern sinner tortured and dismembered and demonically infested bones case to the winds. Now consider Bridgewater Prison for the Criminally Insane and the force-feeding of the severely depressed prisoner, the men discussing their meds at the “Birthday Party,” the bath tub scene, and the gentle embalming of the inmate and his burial in a lonely unmarked grave in a field beyond the prison gates; how have medical models of social control repositioned notions of irrationality, chaos and absurdity?


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