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Topic:Government and The Economy

Please take a look at the prompt paper and the grading rubric. It is extremely important for you to follow everything has stated very clearly in the prompt. Please carefully read over and over it. The topic has been assigned, your job is to read and evaluate the grading rubric. **Note: Please keep me posted throughout your work and message me asap if there is anything unclear. I need you to be 100% ace on this paper. Treat it like your life depends on it.

Prompt: There is general agreement that inequality in the United States is greater than at any time since before the Second World War. Outline the reasons for this and propose policy changes that would reduce this inequality. Give reasons and evidence to show why your assessment of the causes is correct and your proposal for mitigating the problem is workable.
Instruction: Please follow the prompt and make sure you read everything and understand the concept. Please extend your ideas as much as possible with every details information that is necessary apply to this paper. Your job is to do research and write an essay about it. The essay must paraphrase and intergrate using your critical thinking skills. You will need a good introduction, solid thesis satement, well-organize body paragraph and strong conclusion. You are allow to use outside sources but it must be relevant to the topic. The instruction are very clear and please follow it
**Note: You can use many sources for citation that you want; however, it must come from reliable sources. In addition, it also must include at least 6 general articles sources. The best tool you can use to look up on these topic is by EBSCOHOST and JSTOR relating cateogories can be politics, business, social science, sociology etc…Again it must be in MLA format style. No mistakes.


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