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Treatment Approaches for Childhood Apraxia of Speech

How to treat a child with Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia is a dynamic disorder that often far much a disorder of combining elements that production of elements in particular. The main challenge is identifying and putting all the elements together.

Though a child is able to make a given consonant sound or rather a given vowel sound the challenging part is combining them together to a syllable.

For less impaired or older children, it may be a challenge of making sensible sentences or just combining the sentences to make understandable paragraphs.

With respect to the ability of a child to read, he may be in a position of knowing which letter stands for which sound but may fail blending them together to make a complete and meaningful word.

Some of the treatment approaches include:

  • Occupational, co-therapy or physical therapy. They have proven to be quite helpful movement activities.
  • Monitor and treat language symptoms if appropriate. Grammatical word ending should be taught following the easiest phonological order.
  • Activities with lower and higher communication pressure should be included to enhance the automaticity of words and/or syllables in the child’s repertoire.
  • Communication pressure should be reduced so as the child finds it easier speaking
  • Reduce everyone’s frustrations


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