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Two major health policies supported by Global Health Organization

Two major health policies supported by Global Health Organization


Protecting the health and well-being of all the American citizens and the populations all over the globe at large requires partnering of all the stakeholders concerned. With rapidly changing world, emerging new technologies and other new emerging trends pose a great challenge to policymakers to device policies that will ensure majority of American and world at large enjoy long periods of better health as well as a sustained sense of well-being. Global health organizations are at the forefront in supporting such policies.


Health and other related health problems play a key role in development. Access to quality Health care, person’s health related behaviors like exercise, smoking, diet and the environment all play a very significant role to how well and long one lives. Therefore strengthening policies and programs to address health issues specific to a given population, disease or illness or an organization will help eliminate health inequalities, protect people from unavoidable health hazards as well as help them address their health issues and finally conditions that lead to prolonged and healthier lives will be created (Kickbusch, 2003) for all American people. Therefore the essay will address two health policies: public and private partnership in research and innovation and global health initiative.

As earlier highlighted the world is rapidly changing thus posing new challenges. This therefore calls for global efforts to understand the changes and device means of dealing and combating the challenges.  Therefore research becomes paramount.


  1. Public and private partnership in matters concerning health innovations and research

For people to achieve major improvements in their health outcomes research is one of the major components. Promoting innovation and research is the work of the government and more particularly Department of Health and Human Services.  To achieve quality health outcomes effective usage of the already existing resources and knowledge to address emerging and the already existing health challenges is vital. Therefore strong emphasis has been put on innovation and research.

How has research impacted on Hispanic population? First, through research new treatment products have been discovered, diagnostic and preventive processes have been improved as well as coming up with new processes (Boufford and Lee, 2001)  This has greatly helped in dealing with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and so forth. With a reduction in such diseases the cost of health care reduces thus minimizing budgetary expenditure. In addition, it is easier to monitor chronic diseases as people will get a better understanding on its development and management. However to make all the new products available and affordable to the public and private sector must collaborate (Widdus, 2001)

Through research growing burden associated with poor health will be reduced. For instance, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis burden. According to WHO (2013) HIV/AAIDS inflicts a heavy burden to both adults and children globally. Therefore, through research new ways of preventing HIV/AIDS infections as well as drugs are being tested to help reduce the burden of caring the infected. Through innovation people have creatively come up with new methods of family planning with an intention of controlling rapidly increasing population. Increase in population leads to scarcity of basic amenities like food, water and proper clothing leading to increased crime rates, poverty, high rates of unemployment and so forth. They all impact negatively America security. To achieve all this there must be collaboration between the public and private sector.

  1. Global health initiative

The policy targets at unifying the American Government activities in dealing with communicable diseases. The main is to help mobilize all the recourses necessary to fight the challenges posed by diseases that threaten human life. The main aim of this health policy is to ensure more lives are saved to achieve a healthier nation. One way the policy aims at dealing with the challenge is by investing heavily on women as well as saving children and mothers. Well-being and health of both women and children is important to our hopes and for a more peaceful, better and prosperous future (every woman every child, 2013).

Global human initiative realized the importance of women, girls and children health. Women and girls child health is very important because of the disadvantages they face due to discrimination (WHO, 2013), therefore it aims at addressing issues related to inequalities, empowering women and girls in the community and improving their health outcomes at individual family and community levels. If the health of women and children is catered for then achieving millennium development goals will be accelerated. Millions of women and children continue dying despite vast and advanced medical knowledge thus delaying major development (every woman every child, 2013).

Through this policy, women health needs are supported by the US government. This involves a very strong focus on preventing and reducing maternal deaths and health as maternal deaths still pose great dangers to the health of women. It is estimated that 260,000 women died as a result of complications associated to birth and pregnancy (Every woman every child, 2013). To help fight deal with the menace, the policy is being strengthened, health care services are being improved and financing programs related to women health.

This policy has help deal with gender imbalances associated to health. More women are now participating in provision of health care services and educating other women on the importance of health education this is in an attempt to increase women employment opportunities. Issues on voluntary family planning have been well addressed. This is in an attempt to reduce deaths during birth and other related complications. Women are being encouraged to seek form assistance in health facilities while giving birth. To encourage them cost of giving birth has been reduced drastically.


If all health policies are wisely implemented, they will help build a sustainable health system that will ensure all the agencies combine their resources and efforts which will help them maximize results. At the end life will be saved, better and improved health and health services will be achieved and a longer living population will be maintained.


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