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Unprotected WIKIPEDIA report vandalism


The world web of Wikipedia is a very known cite for referencing that finds its foundation from Nupedia in 2000.The great founders –Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger who develops an open free information cite. This is a free world encyclopedia that has documented content that every body is able to access and edit. Unprotected Wikipedia has faced a lot of criticism from the scholars.

Unprotected Wikipedia is not protected just as the word. There is reported danger of the loss of content that is initially presented to the wall of Wikipedia. Some perpetrators find there way and edit the information that is provided by experts. They distort the message that is to be passed and make it unreliable.

The quality of writing has been very demanding for the unprotected Wikipedia. The mission of Wikipedia was to provide information to all people universally. However unprotected Wikipedia has provided low–high quality of writings and have been associated with acts of plagiarism.

The unprotected Wikipedia has no room to be used as research reference. Most varsity professors tell us that it’s wasting your time and resources because once you reference the free encyclopedia–unprotected Wikipedia you fail to pass anyway. Wikipedia has information that has been vandalized .The original research is not provided in Wikipedia. The articles provided have inaccurate information.

Finally, it’s very dangerous to use the Wikipedia information as reliable sources of information instead rely on the primary sources of information to avoid rejection of the academic papers.


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