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Using animals in research policy 

Rights of animals in research policy

There are policies that govern the use of animals in research practices.  The policies advocate for proper, appropriate and responsible use of all animals as subject in any experiments. Animals play a vital role in helping researchers understand development of disorders and diseases that affect both animals and human being and later coming up with effective ways that will combat them.

Animals used in research have the right to fair treatment in all the aspects, from handling, transportation, feeding, testing, exhibition, research and teaching.  The laws mainly cover laboratory animals including rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits, birds and others. Other animals like monkeys and chimpanzees are also covered by the law, as they are part of the research animals.

The reality is that the research animals have the right to proper housing, proper feeding, enough water, clean housing or cages and protection from any threat either internal or external. The research animal policies also stipulate that the animals’ health should be of priority and it should never be compromised.

Subjecting the animals to pain without any sedation is against their right. Sedating the animal during any painful the process is necessary. When killing the animal, proper procedure should be followed not to subject the animal to any suffering.


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