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The practice of Voodoo, its history and forms of Medicine researchpaper

All about Voodoo Medicine and Haiti practices

For a long time, there has emerged a need for people to look for alternative forms of medicine. The alternative forms are intended to complement the western or modern medicine as well as fill the gap left by the modern medicine. There are some diseases which modern medicine is not able to cure, for instance cancer. Alternative medicine is said to be able to deal with ailments that seem to have overpowered the modern medicine. One such form of alternative medicine which seems to have gained popularity is the voodoo medicine.

Vodoo thesis sentence

This discussion examines what medicine this is, how it has been effective and whether it is necessary to have it used as an alternative form of medicine.

The misinterpretations of voodoo medicine and haiti healthcare system

Voodoo medicine is a herbal medicine whose use has become widespread in many pats of the world. This medicine which has been used by and large by Haitians has brought a fair share of controversy with some people punching holes on the argument that it is able to cure all diseases including HIV/AIDS. The reason why this alternative form of medicine is common among the people of Haiti is because their access to modern medicine, hospitals or even doctors is very limited. Such facilities are only available in cities and modern towns where only a small fraction of the Haitian population lives. The greater population of Haiti lives in rural conditions where these facilities are not available. This has created the need to come up with alternative medicine that will cater for the health needs of these people.

Besides the unavailability of modern medicines in the rural areas in Haiti, another reason why the voodoo medicine is used is also as a way of preserving traditions and practices which demand that people must go back to their roots and keep up with the culture. Furthermore, this form of alternative medicine is not only readily available but also way cheaper than would be the cost of modern medicine.

Understanding voodoo practices

Other than being an alternative form of medicine, voodoo has also been regarded in many African traditions as a well and jealously guarded sacred religious practice which the western people have always referred to as a form of demonization that exists in the African culture (Pomerville 212). However, it is ironical to note that most of what has been referred as black and therefore primitive and bad is later borrowed or stolen, re-modified and then sold to the people who originally sold it. A critical look at the growth in popularity of the voodoo medicine can conform this.

Haiti has been a practical example that traditional medicines and herbs indeed do work and that more herbalists ought to be established as they are by and large complementing the modern medicine while at the same time filling in the gaps left by the white man medicine as is commonly referred. The health care system of Haiti has been on a downward trend mainly because of the financial crisis that has brought turmoil in virtually the entire globe.

Poor infrastructure as people attempt to access good health care and modern medicine many kilometers away has not made life for the Haitians any easy. For this reason, most of them have resulted into consulting traditional doctors and herbalists whose help seems to be coming in handy. The general conditions in Haiti like the hurricane that swept millions of people away has also seen hundred of health workers who are skilled flee away in other countries especially those in the west to look for lucrative opportunities for employment (National Medical Association 91). This has seen the health sector experience a professional crunch and hence the need to search for alternative mans of survival.

The practice is that is a person in the family falls ill, any elderly person within the family will help to identify the symptoms of the illness and be able to correctly diagnose the illness. Having done correctly so, what then follows are some home remedies and this is where voodoo medicine comes in handy. Usually, the medicine prescribed by the herbalist or traditional doctor will depend on the illness diagnosed. This form of alternative medicine is always inexpensive and this affordable to many people as most of the herbs used to cure the illness are locally available (Harwood 81).

Some of the voodoo medicine that has been said o effectively work includes tea made of lilac leaves which is used for fevers, tea made from the cachima plant to ease and eventually eliminate abdominal pains as well as tea made from bazilic plant which helps to take away a cough.

Usually, these herbalists who use voodoo medicine take time to study the plants and identify which ones are effective in curing various ailments (Felix 92).

Using Haiti as a practical example, it is important for other countries of the world to consider using voodoo medicine as an alternative form of medicine. This is because, it is not only cheap and affordable but also one that has proven effective for the people of Haiti and the regions beyond, More herbalists should therefore be encouraged to practice as this will help strengthen the health care system the world over.


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