What are the Influences of mobile phones? pros or cons (not both)

Guidelines for Essays

What are the Influences of mobile phones? pros or cons (not both)

Please no more than 5 detailed paragprahs

The five-paragraph essay format type of organization is one you may have learned in junior high or high school; however, it can be just as easily applied to the essays you write in college. The most valuable aspect of this format is that it ensures a logical organization scheme…especially beneficial for those of you who often have difficulty figuring out what should go where in your papers. There are links to videos showing you how to develop a five-paragraph essay under web links.

All essays must be submitted in a Microsoft Word file. Do not submit your essay in a PDF file. You should keep in mind that any missing homework will negatively affect your grade.  No essay will be allowed to be turned in late.

Please allow me at least one week to correct and return essays, for I must carefully review your essay based upon the grading rubric, especially making sure that you follow the proper format for quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, as well as documenting your sources.  Moreover, I must grade all of essays that were submitted in a class before I will upload any of them back into the system for students to review their graded essays.  The grade you receive is your final grade because you are not allowed to revise your essays.  However, I strongly encourage you to review my comments, so you can use them to improve your next writing assignment(s) and avoid similar mistakes.

Note: More specific details and an explanation of the possible topics for the writing assignments will be provided when a writing assignment is posted.

Also, an explanation of the grading rubric and the correction symbols are located under Course Information in the course menu. 

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Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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