Question: What are you supposed to write using the DEP method?

  • You will present your presentation during class on your appointed day. That will be worth up to 60 points.
  • You will COMPLETELY upload your PPT slides no later than 11:58 p.m. by the due date. That will be worth up to 40 additional points.

Question:  What are you supposed to write?

Answer:  Write up your talking points (in an essay format….because this is college….)   using the DEP method. 

The minimum number of words for your response is 500 words. The maximum number of words is 700.  Five hundred words IS NOT AN A. 

So, you should target 698 to 702 to get an A on the writing assignment.  Only the answer counts towards the word count (not your name and etc…). 

The last word that you write MUST be immediately followed by a correct word count  placed in brackets. [ Like this: 87 words]

Please note (where applicable) :

There IS a required word count for the writing assignment. There IS NOT a word count for the self-evaluation.