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What is a standard essay format explained


 It is recommended that essays be written in word processed, 12-point times New Roman fonts according to the Modern Language Association (MLA).

The whole essay should be double spaced ensuring not to single space or extra space anywhere.

The heading should be included in the upper left corner of the first page consisting of the writer’s name, the instructor’s name, class and the date.

According to MLA, the essay should have one-inch margins all round i.e. on the top, bottom, left and the right. The last name of the writer and page number should appear on the upper right corner of every page. Both name and page number should be written in the page header and not where the text should be.

It should also have a title, centered and under the heading information on the first page and just above the first line of the essay. It should however be in the same font, with neither quotation marks, underlining, bold nor italics.

Indentation of the first line of every paragraph should be half inch or five spaces. The text of your essay should be aligned left in the word processor and lined up evenly.

The above are guidelines for writing essays in MLA format. However there are other various formats acceptable i.e. APA and Harvard and the Turabian format.

With every single choice of format, the writer should ensure that the guidelines provided are followed to the letter to prevent any issues with the essay.

Essay writing isn’t so tough after all right? Just follow all these steps and you will write your way to perfection.


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