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what is the clinical practice question?


Include the following in the body of your paper. Use paragraph formatting and create a formal paper to discuss these bullet points:

Background—Why is it that you identify this as an issue?
What is the significance of this issue to nursing practice?( Note that a citation will be required here to support your stance regarding the significance of the issue).
Assessment—PICO(T)format, what is the clinical practice question? ( this is the question: What are the best strategies for reducing fall risk on post-operative surgical patients during hospital stay?)
Describe the variables (dependent variable and independent variable(s)) for your PICOT.

Recommendation—What possible intervention will you investigate to improve the issue?

What information or data will you need to answer this question?

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Not Defined
Pages/words: 2/550
Number of sources: 2
Academic level: Doctoral
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English


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