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Who won the Battle of Nicopolis essay

History battle of nicopolis

This battle took place on 25th September 1396 and ended the Second Bulgarian Empire. It is referred to as the “Crusade of Nicopolis” and was the largest crusade of the Middle Ages. Individual kings of the 14th century led crusades.

The battle resulted in a Turkish victory over an army of European crusaders. It marked an end to international efforts to stop Turkish expansion into the Balkans and Central Europe. The crusade was held by King Sigismund of Hungary and was joined by France, Burgundy, England and Germany.

The crusaders sieged Nicopolis and Bayezid responded by placing his army on the hills miles away from Nicopolis. Sigismund urged the knights to stand back but they decided to approach the Turks who were strong and organized.

The crusaders were slaughtered and the remainders were pushed out of the region. Although some of the survivors escaped, a large number were captured and executed by Bayezid. Due to their victory, the Turks chose to discourage formation of any future European coalitions against them.

They put a lot of pressure on Constantinople and tightened control over the Balkans therefore becoming a great menace to the whole of central Europe. Both sides of the battle acquired huge losses in both the soldiers as well as armory.

However in this century, pride gained from winning a battle was way more important. the Turks however did not suffer as much as the crusaders.


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