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Why is marriage called an institution


20 years ago, couples married at an earlier age. Today, they are older when they marry and the percentage has declined. The greater numbers of couples today choose to live together outside of marriage. But why has marriage as an institution failed?

Marriage institution is very important as it gives and conveys a sense of meaning, purpose, direction and stability that tends to benefit adults and especially children.

Marriage decline lays blame mostly on women liberation. In the seventies, women went to school and entered the work force hence delaying motherhood. Today, many women fall pregnant in school, even before they get married. Cases of teenage pregnancy have risen all over the United States.

Today, marriage is about love and love is about personal fulfillment. So without this extra glue, of financial interdependence people who no longer feel fulfilled will easily leave the relationship.

Two decades ago, a couple would stay married even if the relationship was not really working, for the sake of probably the children. Things are different in today’s society and an unhappy couple will be most likely to divorce, regardless of the age of their children or social status in the community.

Women are able to control their fertility by use of birth control pills in today’s society. They can plan their families as well as their careers. This was not the case two decades ago, where women used less birth control. In some cases, it was forbidden and considered immoral.

Additionally, today there are more and more single parents. Many people are claiming that the institution of marriage is becoming obsolete. There is also less sense of responsibility from males who leave women pregnant and after delivery, leave them to raise children on their own.

With all the difficulties facing the marriage institution in today’s society, marriage is still alive and well.


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