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Winston Churchill’s death, legacy and quotes inspirations


Winston Churchill is a legend and is well known all over the world for his involvement in politics over a long period of time. He was the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, born on 30th November, 1874 and died on 24th January 1965.

He was born at Blenheim Palace to the prominent Tory politician, Lord Randolph Churchill. Winston Churchill’s involvement in politics may have actually been genetic or following in his dad’s footsteps. Winston Churchill was destined for greatness from his birth till the time of his demise.

He worked tirelessly throughout the war building strong relations with the then U.S. President Roosevelt. He took his chances in politics and in 1900 he became the Conservative M.P. for Oldham. He however lost power in the 1945 post-war election but remained leader of the opposition.

Winston popularized the term ‘Iron Curtain’. In 1951, he became Prime minister again but resigned in 1955 where he remained an M.P. until shortly before his death.

He left a legacy of an impressive number of publications and in 1953; he won the Nobel Prize for literature. His death hit the world hard since his loss was highly felt among politicians and peace keepers all over.

Winston’s quotes are considered real and true. They depict of his real life teachings and are of great influence to learners and scholars all over the world.

I choose to leave you to ponder on one of his quotes: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”.


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