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Writing a Capstone Project

A Capstone Project.
A capstone project is a final year course which demonstrates capability in the subject studied. For instance, civil engineering students can create a project where they plan and construct a small building using and applying the skills they have learned over the years in the course.

You are supposed to complete all the courses you’ve specialized in in order to open a capstone project. This is the most important part on a course because it measures your skills and demonstrates how qualified one is.

A capstone project is important and rigorous in academic institutions because it reflects on one’s academic papers making it very competitive. While it is very vital, students meet a lot of barriers while developing them and they may vary from one student to another.

One of the main barriers is lack of funds to develop a project in this instance, you may find chemical engineering students wanting to create a plant, one of the hitches they may encounter is lacking of enough funds to buy materials for creating it.

Creating a great team is another barrier because you need someone who has common goals makes things easier. Collaboration of ideas and time ensures better success. Choosing a topic for the project is also very important because the project needs to be both fun and original.

Creating research ideas is critical and ensures better results. After choosing a topic, putting a great team together and getting funding for the project, the next step is getting organized. Coming up with better ideas and updating advisers may also be necessary if you’re going to be successful.

Students may feel a lot of pressure related to the project and it’s important for them to realize that its okay to feel frustrated. 90% of all capstone projects encounter hitches and knowing how to handle these failures positively ensures that the project completed and successfully.


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