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Writing a PICO Question

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Assignment Requirements
1. Choose a quality improvement question from the list below for your State of the Science Quality Improvement (SOS QI) Paper.
2. You should also review both Part 1 and Part 2 of the SOS paper assignment at this time. You will use the question you choose to develop all sections of the SOS QI Paper. NOTE: More than one student may choose the same question. However, work must be independent for all aspects of the SOS QI Paper.
3. Using your chosen question complete the Johns Hopkins PICO Question Development Tool. When completing this tool you will need to investigate the significance of the question you chose and identify the elements of the PICO question, for example, P=population, what population does your question focus on?
4. To complete the tool you will need do a review of the literature related to your selected question and theory. You will use this review for your paper and to complete the Johns Hopkins Question Development Tool.
5. Upload your completed Johns Hopkins Question Development Tool to the assignment drop box.
6. In the discussion board provide your chosen research question and theory for your initial posting. This posting should also include a minimum of one paragraph which summarizes a scholarly article related to your question. Citation is required.
Question List:
1. Is there a change in screening outcomes for child maltreatment when implementing an embedded screening tool in the electronic health record?
o Theory Choices: Cognitive Learning Theory, Deming
2. How does the use of in-home monitoring for CHF impact re-hospitalization rates?
o Theory Choices: Health Promotion, Relationship-Based Care
3. How does the use of culturally congruent inter-professional education for newly diagnosed diabetic patients age 40-70 impact A1C levels and weight?
o Theory Choices: Cultural Competency, Inter-professional
Documents/Tools for reference:
1. Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Doc 1 (Links to an external site.)
2. Johns Hopkins PICO Development Tool (Links to an external site.)
3. Johns Hopkins Action Planning Tool (Not required but good guide.) (Links to an external site.)
4. Johns Hopkins Dissemination Tool Guide (Not required but good guide.) (Links to an external site.)
5. Johns Hopkins Evidence Level and Quality of Research Guide (Not required but good guide for rating levels of evidence.) (Links to an external site.)
6. Johns Hopkins Practice Evidence Translation Doc (Not required but good guide). (Links to an external site.)
7. SOS Quality Improvement Paper Part 1 (See week 4 assignment)
8. SOS Quality Improvement Paper Part 2 (See week 6 assignment)
9. Johns Hopkins ROL Table

you may choose any of those three topics