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Writing a Proposal format

• Abstract 1 page [1-2 paragraphs; separate page]
• A short description of your proposed project. Please include the focus of this study, what you will be doing in a summarized format, how you will analyze this data, and what research questions you are hoping to answer through your study.
1. Introduction 3-4 pages
• Background and rationale of the study (Describe the background of your project; why is it important to research this topic?)
o General background of the subject area (give some context, history, background – your words)
o Specific background for the topic of investigation (review a few research articles/journals about this topic – the researcher voice; 5 sources minimum)
o Problem/Thesis Statement 1 – 2 paragraphs
o A short statement describing what the problem is, and why it needs to be researched.
o Purpose of the Study 1-2 paragraphs
o Explain the purpose of your study; focus on outlining the goals and objectives of your investigation
o Hypothesis and Research Question(s) 1-2 paragraphs
o describe you possible hypothesis and research question(s)
Variables – outline what the possible variables will be in your study.
1. Review of the Literature 7-10 pages
o Describe what you hope to highlight with the full review of the literature. What are you hoping to present as important factors in your research>> that other researchers have already reported on. What is missing in this literature [the gap] that you can contribute with your research study?
o Definitions of all key terms (8 – 10 keywords you will be using for this review)
o Databases and systems to research information (from the library)
o Describe your method of organizing the literature (including the chart)
o Using your outline, review five sources of literature. Remember this is not your perspective, but what understand from the literature (the studies and reports that you have reviewed).
• Methodology 3-4 pages
• Rationale – Identify and justify the choice of general approach and specific research method (Qualitative vs. Quantitative – pick a research design)
• Subjects/Participants (your participants; describe them [and where you are going to get them] and your rationale for their selection)
• Method – describe how you will be collecting this data; what type of study will you be conducting– what methods will you use? Survey, Interview, etc
• Timeline for study – a short description by weeks
• Limitations – are there any obstacles for your study? things that can get in the way of investigating the problem? any elements of your study that need more thinking? (i,e. sensitivity issues, safety, etc).
• IRB approval -will your study require permission from the IRB to conduct your research? please explain why?

1. Analysis of data 1-2 pages
o Describe your method of analysis based on the approach (qualitative, quantitative or mix method).
o How will you analyze this data? explain how you will organize the data you collect, and how do you intend to analyze it.
o What will be used to analyze this data (charts, spreadsheets, notes, correlations, etc)
o Do you want to compare any data against the research question(s) and hypothesis?

1. Discussion, implications, and conclusions 1 page (3-4 paragraphs)
o What are you hoping to find out & how you can use your findings in the future?
o Do you think your research will contribute to understanding this field further? if so, please explain how and why?
o Please discuss if more research should be done in this field.

1. References (organized in APA format) 1 page (separate page – at the end)
o Must include all the references used to write the proposal
o Must be done in APA format (see Perdue Owl for rules)

Students must have this proposal approved in order to move to Thesis


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