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Writing a research paper, types of research essays and the formats they should be written.

How to write a research paper fast

A research paper is an investigative, fact finding analysis on a particular topic. It involves thorough reading on a topic, evaluation of sources of information found and summary of all the information collected. It is therefore like any living organism, it grows and transforms as the researched learns more about the topic. This essay describes types of research essays and the formats they should be written.

There are two types of essays: argumentative and analytical essays. An argumentative essay requires the writer to take a stance and defend it in his work, for instance the question posed maybe ‘Does modern medicine prevent obesity in children?’ here, the writer clearly has two answers yes or no. he take on stance and defends its course giving the reader enough arguments and proof for the stance taken. The analytical essay requires the writer to critically analyze and research on a topic. The writer cannot take a stance in analytical essays because he is required to analyze and conclude on a particular topic or question (the writing lab & the OWL at Purdue).

The composition of a research paper begins with choosing a topic. One is required to find a topic that they understand and are familiar with, identify the target audience for the research paper and then begin writing a draft of the research before writing the final copy.

According to David R. Caprette a research paper is longer than an essay. In a research paper, there is the title page that contains the author’s name, the title, the professor’s name and the course name. The abstract then follows 200 words or less, informing the reader of what exactly the research is about. Then follows the introduction, which is not more than two pages, declaring the stance that the writer takes and inaugurate the topic.

The discussion, the writer puts his ideas, research and findings here convincing the reader to support his thoughts or informing the reader his analytical findings on the topic. The conclusion sums up the research paper.

A research paper that is excellent and a grade material is well organized, the ideas flow from one point to another uninterrupted and the topic is researched on in depth.


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