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Writing an accounting business letter

Writing an accounting business letter to client

A brief and well-written accounting business letter will gather positive notice from a corporation, but it’s imperative to go an extra mile than surface-deep. Performing some research on the corporation to get a sense for their business vibe and trying to match it in the accounting business letter is very crucial.

Perhaps the study will lead you to find out that the corporation new store or the expanded office. Thinking about how you could help the corporation grow with your talents in accounting should be the first priority. Then, give specific examples of how you can be useful to your new corporation. Below are some tips to follow;

Professional tone

Your printed accounting business letter should be affable but more expert. As a writer, you should attempt for a general tone that is courteous, confident and honest.

Write clearly.

Affirm your point clearly in the letter. To shun any miscommunications, use simple, brief language. Skip the industry lingo and as an alternative choose lively, dynamic words to hold your reader’s interest.

Be persuasive.

Ascertain a constructive relationship with your reader immediately. Whether you believe your reader will concur with the tip of your letter or not, it is vital to find general ground and make your case from there.

Proofread your letter

Ensure you have collected any typos before submitting your letter.