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WRITING AN ADMISSION ESSAY for college 500 words

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Upon completion of High School, seniors are required to write application essays also known as admission essays to respective colleges of their choice. They are later judged on it. Applicants tremble at the thought that a single piece of writing despite their outstanding performance may lead them to not join college.

All colleges rate applications as very important and therefore take them with a lot of seriousness. When writing an admission essay, one should use the least amount of words to say the most. Admission officers have a whole mountain of applications to go through and the longer yours is, the higher your chances of elimination are.

The suggested amount of minimum words is 250 with no upper limit. This does not mean that applicants should fill pages with practically nonsense. One should be honest.

In writing of this essay, listing the number of positions you held in your previous institution may come out as boasting. You may be rated a braggart instead of gaining favour. Listing all your achievements may make the essay a tedious list instead of helping you get into college.

You should make sure you stand out from the crowd. Distinguish yourself from the rest of the thousands applying to the same college. Don’t try to cover everything in one single essay since you will end up looking busy, scattered and superficial.

A good essay is compared to a story. Make it more humane to show the reader that you are thinking about his/her appreciation of your writing. Colleges are like communities where people are expected to co-exist. You should therefore be likeable. In the use of humor, you should take great care not to offend the reader with an aim of pleasing him/her.

College admission officers look for diversity of mind. You should reveal your passions and expose your personality.


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