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Writing an essay on causes of divorce on children using an outline and observing wordcount

Observing wordcount when writing an essay on causes of divorce on children

Writing an essay on causes of divorce on children requires proper research work on the subject and just like any other essay writing assignment, having an outline and doing deep and credible research is key to a great essay. To note prior to starting the essay, is the number of paragraphs and the total wordcount for the entire task. With this details at hand, then creating an outline for your essay becomes essay and as the next step when doing your research, following the outline will guide you in writing the essay in detail with all requirements adhered to.

Choosing the topic and Number of paragraphs for your essay

With the essay topic ready, you are a step closer to starting writing your essay. Conducting your research should be your second step to help you fill in and plan your outline prior to starting the essay. When doing this, you should also create a thesis sentence that will form the basis of your introduction paragraph and carry on to your body paragraphs. A critical step to any essay writing practice and once these 2 fundamental steps are adhered to, the writing process becomes easy and flawless.

A sample outline for a 5 paragraph essay:-

Introduction-with a thesis sentence, Body paragraph 1, Body paragraph 2, Body paragraph 3, Conclusion paragraph

and Bibliography

There are a lot of issues surrounding the topic with the writer at will to choose whichever side to support, whether parents are justified to divorce or the causes of divorce on children should be considered before taking this step. This essay will however dwell on the causes of divorce on children.

The causes of divorce are many and diverse depending on the couples involved. As a sign of disagreements between the parties involved, Divorce is an old practice between couples that has had tremendous bad effects on the society and ultimately the parties affected directly by it which are the children. Any family that has a father and mother and children, whenever separated by whatever the reason between the parents, the divorce is not only felt by the couples, the party that suffers most is the children left with one of the parents.

Lack of one parent as a result of divorce psychologically hits hard on the kids and without proper counseling and love from the remaining parent, this could affect their day to day normal lives where their studies and even their social lives fade as they end up feeling rejected by one parent and end up asking themselves many questions that cause stress to them.

Having grown with both parents and one day all that changes and you realize that your parents have separated and are not only living apart, they rarely talk to each other like before and you now have no choice of which parent you can live with, cant see them together happy, these are among the things that many children have to deal with when parents divorce. These Life changes that no one is ever prepared for especially as a child, can have devastating effects to lasting psychological effects to children that could affect their well being.

Divorce therefore can be termed as a cruel act and a selfish one at that where parents cannot resolve their differences and opt to satisfy their own selfishness by divorcing without considering the effects on their children. It is therefore an improper move to rush and get married, have children and then selfishly decide to divorce for whatever reason as the consequences hugely affect the kids more which could be a lasting effect that will alter the good life and deny them that love they had from both parents.


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