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Zulilly, LLC – Through the Lens an analysis using Porter’s Five Forces Model

For this assignment you will conduct an analysis using Porter’s Five Forces Model (Industry Analysis), Generic Strategies and Value Chain Models (Firm Analysis). For your assignment you will pick an INDUSTRY and a FIRM that is competing in that INDUSTRY.

(For example, Amazon is a FIRM competing in the retail INDUSTRY with a COST LEADERSHIP [Broad Market/Low Cost] strategy.) Your analysis should also briefly address the impact of information technology on both the industry and on firm strategy.)

Chosen FIRM: Zulily, LLC
Chosen INDUSTRY: Retail; Ecommerce

Please review the ‘Porter Project Guide’ attachment for template of the research paper.

YOURE TASK for this assignement: Complete page 5 from the project guide as if it was to be inserted in a paper as part of a bigger research paper. I have attached another document called ‘PAGE 5 (YOUR ASSIGMENT) to clarify the focus of your task. Other people will be responsible for pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, etc.

Porter’s Five Forces Diagram and step by step assignment guides are attached for reference materials.


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